Top of the Class!

For some reason the pictures were not cooperating with me and I did not write anything because I did not realize they posted. This had to be posted – Despite all of the places we have lived, all over the world – my son chose to go to a fabulous university in Utah – BYU. He graduated at the very top of his class, had his poster set up around campus advertising the Honors program at BYU and most amazingly was invited to speak the the graduation ceremonies. Wow!! It was a wonderful time to be with him and take part in some of his great accomplishments! Love that kid!

How do you go to the bank?

So, this is how I get to do my banking-it is a bit of an ordeal, takes a while but it is never boring! Okay-so we first go the parking place, park the car and wait for the boat driver and correct time. It leaves every half hour. If it is the open boat you get then we put on the life jackets and definitely don’t fix your hair!

If you don’t want the simple errand of just withdrawing money to take over an hour then make sure you don’t talk much, get the money and get back in the boat.

But if you aren’t so rushed for time it is a great trip.

The Corner Shop

It may be hard to see, but the little hole in this cement wall is literally called the corner shop.

You can get most of your basic needs there. Your soda, your bread and small pack of toothpaste, your phone minutes and your favorite hard candy. It is across from our church and I see many of our congregation walking across the street getting their favorite snack between meetings.

Quite convenient!

For our winter weary friends-

We were out at the pool this evening and loved our view. There is a pleasant breeze, the palm trees are swaying and the pool water is almost perfect temperature. The air is heavy, but much cooler with the sun having gone down. It really is lovely…out by the pool.

So please, come visit us in exciting, enticing and exhilarating Lagos. Lol

Trying to make Nigerian Food!

Hey guys! Ruby here to show you how I COMPLETELY FAILED at making this goopy Nigerian dish, so here’s how it started.


Me and my friend bolt out of the kitchen with our nose and mouths covered. The smoke of the boiling oil is absolutely stenching and we fan out the smoke. I grab the pot with a pair of pot-handlers and put it outside on the balcony floor, we take off the lid and bolt inside before the smell reaches us.
Yeah, so that’s how it went when I tried to make a Nigerian dish,  what a FAIL!  The recipe seemed really hard, and it sure was!!!! I had read the ingredients, and there was something I had never heard of, it was “Palm Oil.” I decided to try my best handling with it, but I COMPLETELY  messed up.

Now have a question for you, can you say “Ewa Agoyin?” Can you? Because I barely can! Although its hard to say, its even harder making this dish, as you can tell 🙂
Living in Nigeria, it obvious that I have to try and make some dishes. There are so many Nigerian dishes you can try, but I decided I would go for this recipe.
The Ingredients:
2 cups of red beans
1 large white onion
1 cup of palm oil
1 knorr cube
1/4 cup of dried crayfish (I have no idea where to find this haha)
1 bell pepper
4 habenero peppers
1 medium onion
1 tsp salt
Ok, so I have to make a delicious (maybe) dish with all these ingredients. But, to be honest, it seems really hard! There are so many steps that seem super overwhelming! Like, I have to bleach oil, and blend up vegetables.
So, I guessed that it would take me about two hours, and it would be really hard. I was right! Soooooo, I started by cutting veggies, getting beans out of their cans and mashing them up. I blended all the veggies together, and instead of crayfish (Which I COULD NOT find) I just used a meat bullion cube. After I blended them, I started with the “Palm Oil” mess. (BIGGEST MESS EVER!) So apparently, you have to boil a cup of red palm oil, leave it in a covered pot for 10 minutes and wait. We did that, and what we didn’t know, was to not take off the pot until it cools, soooooooo we were in a bit of a, whats the word……… GINORMOUS, HUGE, CRAZY MESS!! So, yeahhhhhhhh.

We took off the lid and a gust of smoke engulfed our faces. We started coughing because our throats were immediately dry. We rushed the pot outside to get rid of the stench. After that, thankfully, it got easier.
We then boiled the veggie goop to get rid of extra water. We also boiled some onions in the disgusting palm oil. We then put it all together, boiled it for 15 minutes and put it on the plate without beans. It looked absolutely disgusting! It looked like poop!
After 20 minutes of convincing my brother, we finally got someone to taste test our dish of veggie goop and beans.
We anticipated the moment of disgust (and throw up) on our video cameras. BUT….. he actually liked it! WEIRDDDDDDDD. Since my brother liked it, I decided to give it a try, and it was not that bad! I wouldn’t be something I would eat all of, but it was pretty decent!
So, I think I did PRETTYYYY good on this project! It was super fun to try, and make a part of Nigerian culture!



Final result of our “Ewa agoyin.”


Fresh vegetables ?

Many times when I am trying to make meals and healthy meals, the options I have are simply not doable. There were many cauliflower florets available at one of the markets I can safely access, they all looked like this and they all were priced between $10-12 dollars for one.

That is when plan B comes into place for dinner…which can easily end up steamrolling all the way through the alphabet.
Ok, don’t get me wrong. I know I can cut off all the “bad” part, but really…what would be left to eat for $10?