What is almost better than Amazon delivered to your door??

This is so crazy to see on the street in Nigeria. An entire Walmart almost -on a cart! When he comes by your house – you just meet him and as you can see-most anything you may want-he will likely have (of the Nigerian variety.) Need a quick birthday present? Forgot a special occasion? This is easy-and problem solved!)

A new whale conspiracy theory??!!

Ok, it all began the 2nd day we came here, we were watching the whales and drinking our hot chocolate on a bench.

Then, my daughter blurred out ” Mom, what if the whales come to watch the humans and the only reason they migrate here is to see us?”

Ok, that kind of made me think, and I highly doubt it’s true, but’s it’s something fun to think about!!

Learning fancy driving maneuvers

For many who live in Nigeria, this is a completely normal, every day task.  For someone who comes from a country where there is complete order and rules on the road, it opens up a whole new world.  I am learning how to drive with rules, yet without rules.  This means, although there may be 3 lanes on the road, they are actually five lanes and you can float from lane to lane without looking and without any concern of the drivers near you, because, well…this is how they seem to do it.  This also means you do not wait, ever.  You just go. If you wait your turn, you will honestly never get a turn. So, here is me learning to try to cross a four lane main road with cars just sitting, sitting in traffic and mean figuring out how NOT to wait my turn!

It may not look too bad, it actually was one of the easier times I had getting across this road.  Next time I will show a much more “interesting” one.

Snake Island beach school


This was a great time to get on a boat in the pouring rain in the morning, take a boat through the Lagos Lagoon and end up with sunshine and a fabulous visit the “beach school” near Snake Island.

This school began with just a teacher sitting with some children under a tree on the island. The people of the Exxon community saw a need and began to raise money to provide a school building and here you see the beautiful views and the new kitchen to be able to feed the kids at the school. It is a wonderful time to go and spend with the children and read stories and play games with them. This is one of my favorite times in Lagos.