Fishing in the Lagos Lagoon

A very cloudy day during the rainy season.  The fishermen are out in their boats regardless of the rain. For some reason we still love to see the boats and watch the fishing, no matter how many times we have seen it before.  It has to be done everyday, to survive and make a living.fishermen in the fishing village


The Cane Village

The Cane Village, the place where anyone can get easily obsessed with any kind of basket. Under the highway In Lagos, this little market/village, is where people make and sell baskets for anyone who wants to buy.

When we got to the Cane Village, we entered in and a few pieces of beautiful art were stacked up for people to buy. We saw paintings of warrior princesses, African women, and African men. We then walked by and entered a world of baskets! There were so many, more than anybody could count! We immediately went from side to side examining the baskets and watching how they were made. The workers were weaving the baskets, and chopping up the cane wood.  They would take their frame, made of the cane wood, and then weave the slivers of wood thought the frame, making a beautiful basket.

There were many deliveries being made back and forth. Our guide told us that most of the baskets were being brought to weddings or stores. Trucks would always pass by through the rugged road.  Through all this chaos, there were many children, and chickens:) The Children played with whatever they could find, and seemed as if they had the time of their lives! We spent the morning shopping, and left with many baskets!

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Getting a Phone Number 

Though this photo seems to have little meaning, there is a story behind it! A few weeks after arriving in Lagos, we cautiously crossed the road to the MTN phone/Sim card registry store. After leaving the house at 10 AM, we sat and waited patiently as they processd the necessary information for myself and my son to get phone numbers. They had some complications, and required a photo identification (as shown in the picture), which took almost an hour. For some apparent reason, they also needed my fingerprint. And after all this had taken place, The lady that was editing the necessary information on the computer, forgot to save the document and the power went out. Welcome to Nigeria. So now we were stuck waiting for another hour and a half possibly for them to retype the information! And through all of this, I had two of my sons and my daughter with me sitting in the Nigerian MTN store working on homework. It was a crazy drawn out adventure that left us all hungry thirsty and tired afterwards. And the next day, they disconnected the numbers we had just connected! Fearing another drawn – out, wasteful morning and afternoon, we postponed our returning for over two months!