Where do you think this has been?

Believe it or not, this is some money that came into my hands from -the looks of it-millions of other hands.  It is so old and worn that  I am afraid to actually use it to pay for something for fear it will be handed right back to me! This is Nigerian Naira.


We almost got hit by a truck full of cows! 

On our way home from our tennis lesson in Lagos Nigeria, we were just about to turn onto our street when an old, rickety truck came barreling by jammed full of steer! Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact breed of these cows because I was too busy trying to steer clear(ha ha) of the truck! 😃

We see lots of fun things on the streets of Lagos.l

Drive with us after storm!

After a short downpour one morning, we have to get out to the store and had lots of fun driving there! A combination of poor infrastructure and ineffective sewage systems leads to flooded roads and potholes everywhere! Who knows what would happen if a monsoon hit!​ Just another thing you gotta get used to here in the big city of 21 million!😁


Hawkers, hawkers everywhere!

​​If you want to buy almost anything -you can most likely find it here, at the Balagong market. It is busy and loud and would be simple to get lost from the people you came with if you’re not careful!
We came for Nigerian fabric and the we saw so many to choose from! The honest truth is—the only way we could finally choose a fabric to buy was because we were so hot and sweaty and uncomfortable with the interesting smells that we just picked anything, purchased, and started the walk through the maze to get back to our car.

This was a whole different kind of shopping!

Busy Fabric Market!

Field Trip fun! We decided to go explore one of the main markets in our area.   The first thing we saw as we parked were rows of fruit and veggies, and LOTS of yams! The market has one main road which you can see in the pictures.  It is crowded and difficult to navigate.  We were holding tight to our younger children so they did not get lost. Even one glance away and you could lose sight of the people you are with due to shoving and crowding and people shouting at you to buy their goods.  We were focusing on buying Nigerian fabric so we didn’t stop until we got to that section of the markets. There was plenty else around to distract us, included fresh plastic containers of raw and bloody meat, deodorant, jewelry, shoes and all kinds of sweet dough things being carried in boxes on vendors heads.  We finally arrived to the shop through a tiny unlit alleyway and we could  not all be looking at the fabric together.  There was room for about – 1-2 people at most…and definitely forget it if you don’t like anyone in your “space” because that just isn’t happening. We took turns looking and then continued to shop around at a few more cubicles where we had to be single file and you could mostly stand, and just turn around in your spot to shop.

What our pictures can NOT show is how hot it was, how we were sweating, and how the smells from all the people, the wares, the meats,  foods, the vegetables and very large garbage dumpster practically sitting in the very middle section of the market, all meshed and mixed together to make us decide that we had had enough for one day and let’s get in our air conditioned car that has the air freshener hanging off the rearview mirror!

As we made our way back to car we continued to see many curious sites and sounds.  The metal bowl of big, round fresh kidneys, a little boy with a huge bandage on a very large growth off his neck and someone with him trying to collect money, and young toddlers and children sitting on dirty shop floors where their families were doing their trade.

Most likely we will not rush back to this market.  Once again, we were reminded of a simple appreciation of  what so many people take for granted – clean, air conditioned shops that carry all the necessities,  with big parking lots and shopping carts to carry all you need.  And while the market actually seemed to be a “one stop shop” we fondly were thinking of the states and Walmart.  Somehow we don’t necessarily crave all that “atmosphere and personality” all the time to get the shopping done! 🙂

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Traveling through Tropea, Italy and enjoying lovely hidden alleyways.

beautiful alleyway in tropea italy

We had a wonderful family reunion in Tropea, Italy and found so many lovely views and sites it was hard to leave and only be left with our pictures.  We were exploring through the towns and came upon this beautiful site.  We hope you enjoy this view as much as we did!

Fishing in the Lagos Lagoon

A very cloudy day during the rainy season.  The fishermen are out in their boats regardless of the rain. For some reason we still love to see the boats and watch the fishing, no matter how many times we have seen it before.  It has to be done everyday, to survive and make a living.fishermen in the fishing village