Elephant herds in Kruger Park in South Africa

When we went to visit the one of our favorite parks in South Africa, Kruger National Park, we encountered a herd of elephants crossing the road.  We stopped to watch them and enjoy their playful companionship with each other.  They were all headed in the exact same direction – straight to the watering hole. This was extremely delightful to watch and our family spent a long time observing the rapport of the different herds that were joining to  bathe, cool off and play in the watering hole.


Stunning Sunset!

Here are just a few photos of the incredible sunsets we were able to see while spending our Christmas vacation in Florida. Some days the sky was completely clear, withthe bright sun reflecting off the water. On other evenings, the sun got behind the clouds in a way that revealed a lot more color in the sky. A truly stunning sight to see!