Merry Christmas to my awesome mom!

My mother could not be with us in this beautiful place this Christmas. Here is a small glimpse of one of the truly beautiful places on earth, at the tip of South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, for her and my dad of course too. We wish we could be with our parents and grandma and grandpa! The beaches are full of tide pools that we home to all sorts of creatures. The ocean water, despite being very cold, has a variety of stunning blues and greens that can’t be properly captured even with a good camera. So come see for yourself!



Pay attention closely! Travel to the African country of Benin.

We will be posting our adventures of border crossings from Nigeria into the country of IMG_6778IMG_6781Benin.  The quietness and calmness of Benin versus the chaos of Nigeria was a lovely change.  We will also soon be exploring more African countries, South Africa, and Namibia in the next few weeks.  What do you want to see on a trip to Namibia?  Let us take you there.  Watch soon!!

Stunning Sunset!

Here are just a few photos of the incredible sunsets we were able to see while spending our Christmas vacation in Florida. Some days the sky was completely clear, withthe bright sun reflecting off the water. On other evenings, the sun got behind the clouds in a way that revealed a lot more color in the sky. A truly stunning sight to see!