Whale watch with us!

Whale watching in South Africa is a must for anyone who even remotely loves ocean life.  We are a homeschooling family and for one of our field trips spent several days in Cape Town and especially in Hermanus during the whale migration and were not disappointed.    To have the opportunity to watch them up close and personal proved to be better than any documentary you’ll watch on tv. The Southern Right Whale migrates to this area every October to November, giving birth in the warmer waters before heading south again.

If you are interested in any of our fabulous wildlife videos for your own personal homeschool education to show your kids from “real” people and not just the tv shows –  we would love to share.  We have whale videos, Kruger National Park wild animals, live lions, videos of elephants that surrounded our broken down car in the Addo Elephant Park, South Africa, lots of monkeys from the Monkey Preserve and the cutest penguins from the Penguin sanctuary in Cape Town and Boulder Beach where the African penguins live.

Watch for more to come!


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