Stunning Suikerbosrand – Biking in the bush in South Africa.

This is definitely one of my favorite places to go biking in South Africa.  This vast landscape was filled with zebra, bok, ostriches, wildebeest and other bush animals.  You never knew what you would see on your bike ride.  The trails were overgrown and added to the feeling that you were the only person amidst all this beauty and the animals.  On this particular bike ride we were able to sneak upon a very large herd of zebras and have them see us and give a thunderous trampling to quickly escape us.  It echoed throughout the whole valley.  Fantastic!

Look how lucky I am to biking in the bush! This place is an amazing, somewhat deserted and windy landscape. We loved to go biking here and in fhe far background there are lots of zebras, and you will find overgrown trails, Sprinkbok, Wildebeest, zebra, snakes, ostriches and various other bush animals. It was always quiet and still except for the animals here. It was one of the places I looked forward to most, to hike and bike and enjoy the nature in South Africa.
Amazing biking in South Africa

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